Blitz Adventures#3: Mini King’s Indian (ft. Bishop Sac)

[Date “2017.06.16”]
[Black “Jtrot79”]
[Result “0-1”]
[WhiteElo “954”]
[BlackElo “954”]
[TimeControl “600”]
[ECO “A45”]

1.d4 Nf6 2.f3 d5 3.g4 { A45: Indian Game: Paleface, Gedult Attack } 3…g6 4.a3 { (0.00 → -0.60) Inaccuracy. A better move was 4. Bf4. } ( 4.Bf4 4…c5 5.e3 5…Bg7 6.Nc3 6…Nc6 7.Qd2 7…h5 8.g5 8…Nh7 ) 4…Bg7 5.c3 O-O 6.b4 Nc6 7.Bg5 e5 8.Bxf6 { (-1.71 → -4.29) Mistake. The best move was 8. b5. } ( 8.b5 8…h6 9.Bh4 9…Ne7 10.Nh3 10…e4 11.Nf2 11…a6 12.bxa6 12…Rxa6 ) 8…Bxf6 9.e3 exd4 10.cxd4 { (-3.39 → -5.58) Inaccuracy. A better move was 10. exd4. } ( 10.exd4 10…Bg5 11.Be2 11…Re8 12.h4 12…Bxh4+ 13.Kd2 13…Qe7 14.Kc1 14…Bf2 ) 10…Re8 11.Ne2 Rxe3 12.Kf2 Qe8 13.Qd2 Bh4+ 14.Kg2 { (-4.70 → -10.15) Mistake. The best move was 14. Ng3. } ( 14.Ng3 14…Bg5 15.Qd1 15…Qe7 16.b5 16…Na5 17.Ra2 17…Bd7 18.Kg2 18…Re8 ) 14…Bxg4 15.fxg4 Qe4+ 16.Kg1 Qxg4+ 17.Bg2 { (-16.45 → ♚ Mate in 4) Mistake. The best move was 17. Ng3. } ( 17.Ng3 17…Rae8 18.Nc3 18…Nxd4 19.Bg2 19…Bxg3 20.hxg3 20…Qxg3 21.Rf1 21…Nf3+ ) 17…Rxe2 18.Qxe2 Qxe2 19.Bf1 Qf2# 0-1


I wanted to post a quick analysis of a quick game. The King’s Indian is my current go to defense against 1.d4, I like it for its ability to transpose to the QGD which I know the lines of fairly well. In this game here my opponent made severe opening mistakes, for example his first 6 moves were all pawn moves. At the point when they developed their bishop I already had my King safe and a very comfortable position. I simply pushed forward and attacked before their pieces could be developed properly ending the game by move 17. A few points and positions I’ll highlight that I thought were important to this game.


1. d4 Nf6 2. f3 d5 3. g4 g6 4. a3 Bg7 5. c3 O-O 6. b4 Nc6 7. Bg5 e5 8. Bxf6 Bxf6 9. e3 exd4 10. cxd4 Re8 [Here is a main problem with having an uncastled king, if I was allowed Nxd4 the pawn would be pinned by the rook on e1 further more the Knight would be protected from a Queen recapture by the Bishop]

11. Ne2 [This move changes nothing in the sense of a pin and allows me to develop my rook right into the fight negating the Knight and adding pressure to the center King]

…Rxe3 12. Kf2 Qe8 13. Qd2 Bh4+ [While not the best sequence of moves on my part, I wanted to see what my opponent would do under time pressure and piece pressure. He make a mistake here by moving to g2 cornering himself and cutting more of his squares off]

14. Kg2 Bxg4 [I was pretty happy about this move here, I was in an attacking postion and needed to get a little more power in the fight, a check from the Queen on e4 would be superb and a removal sac did the trick]

15. fxg4 Qe4+ 16. Kg1 Qxg4+ 17. Bg2 Rxe2 [This capture also felt quite nice, it was lose the Queen or allow mate]

18. Qxe2 Qxe2 19. Bf1 Qf2#

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