Blitz Adventures #26: David vs Goliath

Over the last couple days I’ve spent a lot time in online tournaments, the benefits to these is that you play with so many different people of all different ratings throughout it. I played a good deal of 1400-1800 players which are 200-600 points above my rating, it gives a good challenge and insight into how strong players play. One thing I noticed was my normal Queen’s Gambit wasn’t met by the QGD or Nizmo Indian so often but by the King’s Indian Defense. I had little idea of what to do against it and many of those games a little iffy, however I did develop some insight. The KID is notable for its sharp and attacking lines that are easy to get caught in if you don’t know the lines, hence the reason its popular in tournament play.

In the game below I played a 1600 rated opponent with the Queens pawn opening and he responded with the a structure similar to the Marshall, a defense I know very well and the pitfalls within. In short, never play the Marshall. This is my best win of the night and largely attributed to my knowledge of the opening but the end game play was also very good, Black was consistently pressing for a mating threat which demands the proper response.

View Full Game


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