Classic Controls #2: Tactics Tactics Tactics

It’s possible this is one of my best tactical games I’ve ever played, especially considering it was against a 1500 with classic time controls. I wanted to put White in such a difficult position that it would be incredibly hard to figure out how it would all end up once the dust settled. Every minor piece was playing some role in the center squares before things began to swap off, the position was fairly equal however White made two bad captures and one of them lead to the position below. Here Knight captures the Bishop on f4 and the pin on the King removes the defender it had, g2 is also undefended and can be taken with check while I am still threatening to recapture the Knight on d7. White takes the Bishop on f5 with their Bishop and I recapture with the pawn giving the Rook an open g  file right into the King’s territory. All this pressure becomes too much and White begins to falter as the position falls apart and the pieces move in.

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class 2

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