Blitz Adventures #29: H7 is hot!

I’ve been playing slower games lately, 10 minute, then classical 15+15 and even correspondence daily games. Those have a completely different feel, the moves are so my by instinct as they are by calculation. Coming back to 5 minute blitz was crazy to say the least, my calculation skills had gotten so much better, I hang out in the 1600 pool for classical and correspondence. Taking those skills and cutting the depth down in place for speed allowed me to gain nearly 100 rating points in blitz today, a noticeable difference in my play from a week or so ago. The game today was what I felt the openings are in blitz, a little theory but largely based on feel and instinct. I put pieces on good square, got safe King and developed an attacking idea full of tactics for my opponent to deal with. They would defend or they would lose, they chose the latter.

View Full Game


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