Rapid Time #9: 10-Move Double Sac for Mate

After an ungodly but purely enjoyable week of nothing but Chess with my spare time, my tactical abilities have started to match my basic knowledge and strategic abilities. This is a 15+10 Rapid game where I saw a tactical line about 10 moves deep that lead to Mate after sacing my Rook and Queen.  In the position below, after the fxe5 dxe5, Rf7 and Rf8 I would have 3 pieces lined up against the f2 pawn if the Knight moves. From there 1.Rxf2 Rxf2 2.Qxf2 Kh1 3. Qf1 Rxf1 4. Rf1#. Even if the Knight didn’t move or White played h3, the position is still very strong for Black. The game ended in 22 moves with nearly half being predicted early on.

View Full Game


rapid 9

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