Blitz Adventures #33: Jumping Back In the Caro-Khann

I’ve been out of Chess for a little while now, about 2 months since school had started picking up more in the Spring. With a Summer schedule that’s less demanding I figured I would jump back in and try to play some when I have the down time. This was against a 1510 player in 5-0 blitz and the first game of the day, I hadn’t expected much from it but I was proven wrong. The game went right into my favorite response to the advanced variation after Bf5 and continued into a pet line of mine which is on the board below, pushing c5 after having played c6 seems odds to many people but there is reason to it! The idea here is to tempt White with the capture and free my dark square Bishop, keep tension in the center and open more space on the Queen side and save the c4 push to gain a tempo on the White Queen. The line offers a lot and its flexibility is one of the reason I enjoy it, also many Caro players on the White side not being familiar with it.

View Full Game

Blitz 33.png

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