Blitz Adventures #35: Royal Ducks in a Row

This was a Benoni game and I’m not familiar with the opening since it’s quite rare to see, however it was played by Fischer in the Fischer-Spasky match in game 3 where Fischer really surprised everyone with it. It has some bite if you know how to use it but it largely gets over looked for something more solid and rewarding.

Black played 3…Qa5+ and I had the sense they knew little about the opening at all, that was easily counter by 4. Bd2 with tempo on the Queen. I was able to get two pins on the Black Queen, it shows the danger of being too aggressive with her in the opening. One pinning a Knight to the Queen to be captured by a pawn and then the position below where Black castles long into a King and Queen alignment. The opponent was lower rated, maybe lower than when the notion of utilizing pins to tie up pieces rather than just capturing straight away comes around. I didn’t rush to capture either piece since Black had no other options, if the Queen moves the Knight is lost and if the King moves the Queen is lost. Instead of using my turn to capture the pinned piece I use that time to increase pressure or develop elsewhere and only then capture if Black hasn’t decided to give the pieces up instead by moving or capturing.

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Blitz 35.png

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