Tournament #2: Improvements

The last time I was at the club was back in May since school demanded almost all my time and when it didn’t frazzling my brain was the last thing I wanted to do. I’ve had been playing some 3/5 blitz and 10 minute games every day along with tactics for the last couple months which has clearly helped. My girlfriend and a friend of hers plays chess as well so that was another factor in chess becoming more relevant.  Having people to talk and play with makes anything better. As for my last two tournaments I went 1/3 and then 2/3 but the most recent was 2.5/3. A steady increase over time and really the first game I played I should have won since I had a winning position from the opening but playing over the board after so long took some getting used too. That game ended in a draw with my Knight forking the opponents King and passed pawn.

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Here is the critical position in the game. The threat is the win the b pawn if the Knight moves and there are threats of h4 h5 trapping the Bishop. Black plays Nd4 which puts him in a losing position.

This game I was looking to win quickly and end the night. I played the Italian looking for an attack on the f7 pawn, usually I would play a solid d4 Queen’s gambit instead. I kept the option of castling short or long open but after Black played Bg4 pinning the Knight as normal I played h3 and g4 to kick the Bishop around. I then proceeded with an attack on the c5 Bishop with c3 and b4, it was an all out assault from both side. My King stayed in the middle surrounded by defenders while took Black’s castling rights away and battered the already weakened King side. It lead to a double Rook mate with the Black King on h5.



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