SuperBlitz #7: Tempo is King in an Attack (The Best Game I’ve Ever Played)

So I just played a game against a 1748, it was an exchange Caro where I played an early a6. White had castled but neglected the development of a knight and bishop while I forwent castling in lieu of development of all the minor pieces. White struck me as an aggressive player, they employed the typical bishop/Queen battery aimed at h7 in hopes the knight would move and it would be undefended.  After playing h6 and castling White immediately sacrificed the dark squared bishop in order to take on h6, something that is commonly done to break the King side open and make way for the Queen and knight to jump in.

Now I’ve been here a lot on the receiving side, I don’t make sacrifices like this unless I know they’ll work. The Greek gift is an example of that, it’s a position that is known and when used will net a positive end result. This sacrifice made by White here was unsound, it missed the key components that the Greek gift has and that is tempo. In the gift once the bishop is capture White is able to bring the knight in with check and make way for the Queen while the King retreats.

1.Bxh6?? A common tactic when properly set up, however this was an uncalculated and unsound attempt on my King.

The sin committed by White in this game was the lack of follow up, once the bishop was sacrificed what came next? The places the Queen would come in to the attack were protected and the knight was unable to jump into anywhere meaningful, the best option was to slide the Queen over to the d file and attack the h pawn but the King could simply defend. White jumps the Knight in for the sake of having it close but it attacks nothing as every space is covered by pawns since White having made no threatens I was able to counter attack the White Queen.

From here the game falls into a reoccurring theme, White makes a move in defense and I again have the attacking initiative. At one point White seems to think giving up a piece for a pawn push is a good idea, however, it ends up back firing again as they go on the defensive and lose tempi. The game really comes to a decisive end when I am able to fork the Queen and bishop which is still aiming into the King side, it leaves White a minor piece down with too many weaknesses to protect. Surprisingly they opt to trade a set of rooks off while giving me the open e file.

1…Qe4 threatens the Queen trade, the rook and a double attack on g4


The final blow comes from a threat of a Queen trade and a triple attack, White declines the trade and loses the rook with check which was part of the triple attack. They let the time run out and the game ends. For me this was the greatest game I’ve ever played, I had a centi pawn loss of only 20 and two inaccuracies while fending off an attack from a player 250 points higher than myself.

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