SuperBlitz #8: They All Fall Down (vs 1830 Opponent)

So I thought beating a 1750 was going to be good for the next couple days, I could live off that victory. Last night I was pitted against an 1830 and won so this is now the highest rated ranked game I’ve won. This win wasn’t very difficult but that’s because they made a miscalculation early on which I capitalized on and held throughout the game.

Black to move and gain a distinct advantage

It’s odd, I don’t know what separates people in these elo brackets. The 1600s and the 1800s have felt the same to me. It could be a side effect of 3 minute. I think a lot of it comes down to intuition and many people don’t seem to have it enough to pull them through the opening without making a mistake. Many of my games are won out of the opening due to uncalculated play from my opponents. It’s as if everyone just makes moves for a little bit in the opening and then they decide to play with what they end up with, they don’t even consider taking advantage of anything early.

I was watching the LiChess TV stream of the top 3 minute games and these players are 2400+ and they too missed things which it seemed apparent to me. The positions were verified by post game analysis once they had finished playing. It could just be the clock pressure. I am rarely behind on time and instead I tend to be +30 or 40 seconds usually which gives me some extra space to breathe when things do get dicey.

1…Rxa2 is coming with the win of a pawn and Queen for two rooks

As you can see above I have a full minute and some change on the clock here while White is completely lost, the pressure on the weakened Queen side is too much. White ends up losing on time being down 4 pawns in a Queen vs 2 rook ending.

View Full Game

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