Super Blitz #13: 5…f4?! Exchange Slav

This game was against a 1540 opponent who played an interesting idea in the exchange slav.

You’ll notice the red arrow showing the bishop hitting the pawn, this is because in the Slav it’s typical to play Bf5 or Bg4 which can no longer be played. Black tends to play bg4 due to White not having pushed e3 yet so the bishop wouldn’t be pinning the knight to the Queen.

My assumption here is that this is a pet line of Black’s and it does accomplish some things. For example, Black has control over the d4 square at the moment and may have ideas of pushing f4 in the future to attempt to restrict me from play e4 directly. I was interested to see a new position, usually the games in the 1500-1700 tend to have a good amount of opening theory so the same lines are played until the middle game.

We come to the position as seen above where the light squared bishop isn’t accomplishing much and I have pressure on f5 and an xray attack on on h7 with check if the knight moves from f6. In the end the threat of Bxh7+ costs Black the game since they used a tempo to play h6 when other threats were on board.

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