Rapid Time #13: A soliloquy

Chess has always been a fall back for me. It’s easy to envelope myself in a world of the concrete analysis where there are good moves and there are bad. Winning is solely reliant on my ability unlike some other games which rely on luck or teammates. Chess is a fluid interest of mine, it takes the shape of who I am at the time. There are weeks or months where playing blitz without calculation is what I do and chess takes on a leisurely feel in these times. Then there are times where Chess becomes the escape and the longer time controls and slower games allow me to fully invest myself, to completely occupy my mind in a place that makes sense. The blog and detailed game analysis are grouped into the former of the two states as a way to continue the escape while further my understanding of the game.

So it goes without saying that life is in the second state and I can see a large portion of my time being invested on the board and post game analysis. I fully expect to see a marked improvement as I switch to longer time control and full reviews of the games I play. Without any more hesitation lets jump into the analysis:

This was a QGA 10+0 game where my opponent (1623) had apparently never seen the standard opening trap or felt there was a way to out play it. I will say that it’s not a game winning trap like some can be, there are plenty of ways that White can make mistakes on the Queen side.

1. d4 d5 2. c4 dxc4 3. e3 b5 4. a4 c6

Black is already in trouble here, attempting to protect the c4 pawn with b5 gives White a slight edge and continuing to move pawns to protect the b5 pawn with c6 gives White an advantage. This is the trap. Play continues as 5. axb5 cxb5 6. Qf3! Black doesn’t have to recapture on b5 and it would be best if they didn’t.

5. axb5 cxb5 6. Qf3!

Black capturing the b pawn with the c pawn has opened up the diagonal to the rook which is trapped in the corner, the Queen on f3 exploits this fact immediately. Black must lose something here, the best move is 6…Nc6 (giving up the knight but allowing it to be followed by Bd7 with tempo on the Queen)

The game went to completion. Black played a good defense for what they had available and found some sharp moves I had to be careful with. As I said before the initial material is only for White is only +2 at the cost of development so if Black is accurate and aggressive enough it possible to catch White underdeveloped which I’ll analyze in the full game link.

View Full Game on Lichess.org

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