Super Blitz #19: Solid Exchange Slav, Knight’s Journey

I’m trying something new here and putting the entire game as a gif at the start, it allows the reader to jump into the game immediately and then understand the analysis of the position better as we move through the post.

This game was played very well in the opening by my opponent who was 1521. Until move 15 I was in familiar territory that I’d been in multiple times, the clock shows it as I used 15 seconds and my opponent a minute. This is one of the reason having a solid repertoire in super blitz is so important, not having to figure out the moves until the middle games leaves you with so much more time than if every move was considered for the first 10-15.

The position on move 15 where both sides have a good position.

A key moment here is when both sides have a solid position and there is no clear way to proceed, I decide to make a 3 move knight maneuver to get to an outpost on c5.

We come to the position above where I have dominance over the c file, a strong knight on c5, and an attack on the g6 knight which will weaken Black structure after the recapture. The f3 knight is prepared to jump into e5 in another outpost once the g6 knight is removed as mentioned above.

Here on move 30 Black makes the final mistake after allowing a knight fork on the King and rook. The move to play is Nxe3 with a revealed attack on the bishop on c6 and an attack on the Queen from the e4 knight. The game is completely won after this and only lasts two more moves.

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