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Super Blitz #22: Wild Knight Moves

This is a game vs a 1566 in the Traditional variation of the QGD which happens to be my favorite opening of all time.

There is one very important idea Black didn’t play to strengthen their structure which cost them the game. Black needs to play c6 in order to defend d5 in the center and then play the knight to d7.

It’s Black move, the position is equal and Black only has one real weakness which is the pawn on d5. Black needs to play c6 to bolster the d pawn, if you notice once I castle the knight on c3 threatens to capture the pawn and fork the Queen and bishop in the process.

Black does eventually defend the pawn but with the Rook instead. The fact that their bishop captured my knight allowed me to attack the d pawn twice once the King castled. There was a line to partially defend with Ne7 which I look at in the analysis. From this point Black goes down a pawn, recaptures their bishop with the Queen and I capture the knight on c6 with my bishop stacking their c pawns. We get the position below where Black is down a pawn and the Queen side structure is a wreck.

Objectively the position is lost here, even with proper defense Black has too many pawn weaknesses I could exploit while stretching their defenses too thin. The game becomes a matter of technique and clean up from here. The opening had some theory and I analysis quite a few possible lines for the future on lichess.

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